Kid Friday is a technology information show and news source for kids. Coverage includes websites, apps, gadgets, and current events.

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Kid Friday is hosted by 15-year-old Hannah (blonde hair), 12-year-old Zoe (dark hair), and their dad, Dave.  The family dog, Winston, usually joins them in-studio.

The show is one of the most viewed shows in iTunes “Kids and Family” section. Tens-of-thousands of kids across every continent (- Antarctica) watch Kid Friday every week.  Each episode includes recommendations, tips, and even perhaps listener e-mail from around the world.

Viewers often find the subject matter getting off track. Other subjects discussed may include school, movies, TV shows, music, and a whole lot more.

Besides gadgets, websites, apps, and technology…

Hannah enjoys tennis, snowboarding, and fashion.

Zoe likes soccer, cycling, and laughing.

Dave is always up for a wrestling match with the dog.

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